Sunday, March 15, 2009

Red Frot Chili Peppers

As i entered what would be the eve of my 2nd week at uni, i realised something.... blogging is *hard* One's days are only filled with so many eventful events, while the vast majority of events turn out to be rather uneventful.

As usual, sam and i continued our seemingly never-ending search for quality companions. This week i blundered again, introducing myself to a series of non-entities and social cul-de-sacs. First there was tim from biol1020, who i only introduced myself to so that the hot chick across the table from me could see that i wasnt another shy indian kid who was all brains at the cost of his ability to talk to new people. Unfortunately, tim was one of those kids who was neither particularly bright nor especially talkative - at first anyways... Later we found out that tim (who to me is a cross between lachy mackay and michael oleson..... not exactly what you'd call the genetic lottery) was in other of my classes, and annoyingly talkative. Oh, and the hot chick i mentioned before - ditsy like you wouldnt believe - like if harradine was a girl and had sex with the male harradine, and they had a child that had a child with harradine, they would get a child that was twice as smart as this girl...

Also this girl's friend was about a big a tool as they come. He didnt do anything particularly tooly, but sometimes you can just pick out the tools. I reckon i hav a knack for picking out tools (you should see me at bunnings) and this one screamed 'im a double carbon infused 12 gauge hammer' from a mile away. So between the general dimness of the girl and the egotistical double Y-chromosomed tool, i'd had enuf.

Still, there'll be more tutes to go friend finding in this week - im hoping sam will hav a dabble cos so far im none from 3 and sam hasnt really had a go...

Also, im gonna join the gym this week.

Anyways, hav a good week gang.

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