Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Frotimus Prime, Leader of the Autofrots

Well here we are - the start of another blog. Really sets the scene doesnt it? Will it be serious? Perhaps boring? Or maybe a series of words that when looked at as a whole, fully constitutes a sentence as defined by the parameters set by our forefathers, but is really much too long to actually be considered as an acceptable length for the said sentence and is hence non-sensical despite being fully accurate in terms of containing a subject and verb as per the rules of english writing, not unlike how technically sunday is the first day of the week, but for all intents and purposes it signifies the end of a week that started on monday....

But yes, there's nothing like a first impression. Like many of you fellow bloggers, march 2 2009 gave birth to an ungodly amount of first impressions. Of course, seeing as sam and i synchronised our timetables, there wasnt much need to get out and about. There was of course young Tui, the forgotten killoran sister or at the very least the hidden cousin that killoran neglected to mention. And of course there was Phys1002, that stupid whore of a subject that played us like a cat plays a fiddle while cattle jump lunar systems and cutlery galavant about, frolicking with dishes.

Well joke's on you Young and ur stupid double slit experiment - theres a new skank in town and she has a hydrocarbon chain longer than yuki's ex-nipple hair...

Anyhoo, not much more to report gang...
Oh and michael oleson? I let ur racist jokes slide the first few times i met you cos i figured you had been holding them in for a while and perhaps you finally met someone who wouldnt get offended. But dude seriously, enough is enough! Talking in an indian accent loses its charm after the billionth time. No more! No more funny accent whenever you see an indian, a taxi or god forbid a hairy woman! Good grief!

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  1. any chance i get chemistrys number? she seems pretty slutty