Sunday, March 8, 2009

Don't you wish your boyfriend could frot like me?

We could argue for as long as it takes hippy to figure out that maybe is not spelt m-a-b-e-y about whether this blog post commemorates the end of the week or celebrates a new one. Either way, its always nice to start off by saying something generic and vague about how whats happened has happened whether or not we choose to accept that it has happened or not.

Those of you who have been following my blog would kno that i was less than impressed with the first week of uni, much less by the lack of new ppl i know and even less by some of the ppl i knew going in to uni (oleson). Still, i can't help but feel that by reading other ppl's blogs, predominantly yuki's and simon's, that i should tell the world about how my fellow frotters and i came to become a single entity.

Alex James: Perhaps the first kid i met in gr 8, he was the tall, long nosed, shaven headed lank bean that made the mistake of participating in the late Mr. Peter Donaldson's class. And i mean late - we're talking a good 15-20 minutes late. Anyways, Alex drew comments from the likes of BG, Cooper, Forbes - the whole knox shabang. But, knowing the demographic, you can imagine the quality and intellect of the insults. Later that day, i met alex at the first debating meeting along with pat obrien - you can guess who i chose to sit next to and who i sat furthest away from...

Imala Weligamage: I first met Imala in chicri maksoud's yr 8 extension maths class. One day i noticed him sitting alone, and mostly cos there were no other seats, i saw an opportunity to make a new buddy. I cant really remember how it happened, but i do remember that it was imala's sideways seedy smile and crazy eyes (you kno the one hashim) that got me in 'trouble' with chicri so many times (trouble in chicri's class was inevitably an empty threat).

Sam Lee: In yr 7, people had talked up sam lee to be some total genius, and i wasnt quite sure who this little einstein was. At the spelling bee, i saw him for the first time - he triumphantly strutted his way up to the microphone, where i believe he misspelt his first word. Knocked out in the first round - genius my ass. Joke was on me tho, cos a few rounds later i misspelt gossamer.
Anyway i realised that sam had been in my math class that whole year.

Yuki Greinke: The stupid eccentric asian kid that joined extension math late in yr 8 and carried around his big gay briefcase to match his big gay head. Everyone loved him and i couldnt quite see why - his attention seeking and overall homosexuality annoyed me to no end. He was asian and played cricket which put him in an incredibly exclusive club of 1. I still dont kno why we're friends........

Hippy: He came as part of the wheller package.... He was like crappy lollies in the showbag that no one likes but cant avoid cos they come with the good lollies.

Max Ross: I felt sorry for him - he was unco and a little stupid. Later i found out that he in fact had brain tumours so you can imagine my guilt. Still, he's fought off 3 or 4 of them so he's quite the tank - woot go max

Matthew Renkert: Imala and i used to hate renkert. I dunno why... i think its cos in yr 9 maths, we had a seating plan with me, imala, sam lee, tom james and yuki, and renkert was merely a 6th wheel in yr 10. I'm not quite sure what happened after that....

Of course, the frotters' fellowship is greater than an 8 man frotfest, but the others dont really have a story.

Anyhoo, i kno that in sitcom terms, a slideshow is considered the epitomy of slackness, and im not gonna try and justify my blog here. But what you gonna do.

Also, jokes hippy, i love you


  1. haha god thats nostalgic
    yukis briefcase
    hating renkert

    classic stuff on hippy (lolly comment), pat obrien

    btw i met u,not u met me!

  2. Sif I had any sort of reputation in grade 7...

    That word was BS - I still, to this day, have not heard it used in conversation, writing, nor in any form of media, even as a joke. As far as I'm concerned my spelling is perfectly fine and sits comfortably within the relevant spectrum.

    Didn't we meet in extension maths? Or tennis?