Thursday, March 26, 2009

On facebook we've been having a frot, but about this blog i've forgotten not.

After a week of writing in poetic verse,
It's become the greatest way to converse,
Why people ever spoke without rhyme?
its like im speaking for the very first time!

Inspired by yuki's most recent post,
a poem of my own i decided to host,
to encompass the theme of the week gone by,
the story that made emotions run high.

It started with opinions on sam's poor choices,
by seducing that manlock, came a barrage of voices,
everyone had their comments to share,
loaded with malice, with cunning, with dare.

Nothing was off limits, it was all fair game,
some jokes were clever, others were lame,
eventually it ended when we ran out of words,
that rhymed with sam or manlok or turds.

Every word on there was mean and abusive.
Lucky for us, the thread was exclusive.
And if manlok had read it, i can say for a fact,
that after her suicide, she'd not be in tact.

But when that little battle started to wear,
a new one was born, with gusto and flare,
about which of us had chosen a better profession,
to trump the opponent became an obsession.

Engineering vs med was the issue at hand,
and blow after blow on each other we'd land,
But despite being outnumbered, the doctors kept fighting,
with arguments solid and anger igniting.

Everyone played their part in the struggle,
But if poets are wizards, then killoran's a muggle,
for any poetic form he did lack,
and of course, as expected, hippy did jack

(i dont mean hippy did jack as in they fornicated, i mean hippy did jack-all)

Even tom james threw in his two cents,
but didnt really hold much of a defence,
for jokes about sams love for computers,
ironic, like flat chested women at 'hooters'

And the battle wore on, an eye for an eye
til at last we admitted that it was getting quite dry,
points were repeated, and rebutted alike,
and someone threw in that sam's mum was a dyke.

The line had been crossed, and the battle was ended,
but no one was really, truly offended,
more than anything else, it was time for a change,
as people had stretched their artistic range.

And the next biggest trend? Well it suffices to say,
it will be epic, not crappy or gay.
A whole new world with new stories to tell
Where killoran could write poetry, and hippy could spell

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  1. awww

    very nice, bar a coupla verses that i shan't comment on~~

    how long did this take to write??