Friday, March 6, 2009

Some days it seems like God is on your shoulder... not cos you hav intense pain in ur shoulder, but cos everything goes ur way. You meet a stunningly hot chick who apparently has been checking you out all week. She's in all ur lectures and tutes, and is heading for the same future. She really seems like someone you could hang out with all day. Unfortunately, today was not one of those days. In fact, reaching the end of the first week of uni has informed me that it's really quite the opposite for me. There is someone who's in all my lectures and tutes, we're both gonna be doctors and we share similar interests. But you may hav already guessed thats its Sam Lee. As far as checking me out all week, i would be lying if i said that it wasnt true, and i'd be lying if i said it hadnt crossed my mind. But unfortunately for sam, i'm not sure it'd work out between us, and fortunately for imala, i'm a fantastic friend and know that our friendship is too good to be thrown away cos we were fighting over the same guy - he's all urs hashim ;)

Anyhoo, it is the end of week one and to be perfectly honest, i'm not althogether impressed. All i can say is dont believe the hype. At least not in the first week anyways. I'm hoping that once we get into pracs and tutes things will be looking up.

Last time i mentioned an intimate relationship with my gal chem1030. Well lets just say that im looking to move on. I kinda get the feeling that chem1030 just got with me to make her previous bf (chem1090) jealous. She's not doing it for me the way i thought she would... oh well, just 13 weeks *sigh*

Oleson made a few appearances this week and he didnt disappoint. There was this kid in a turban not 3 rows in front of us and the 'jokes' ( i use quotations cos you kno, dont wanna go using the word too loosely) flew like a chain of saliva launched from the mouth of one matthew renkert as he turned to shield a basketball from an offender... I swear lil' turbanator woulda heard oleson. One of these days man, oleson's gonna get a serious serving of rogan josh so hot that his ass melts. I'm not normally offended by indian slurs, and if its quality humour (renkert is normally quite good with it) then i'll be the first to laugh along. But oleson brings the same crappy poncey scarlet-gimpanel mediocrity to the proverbial table... ARGH!!!

Hopefully next week looks up for me, maybe some new, better friends so i can shield myself from oleson in lectures. In the mean time, i learnt a new word today: invaginate. As in " i will invaginate myself in a group of ppl so as to be immune to oleson's perfunctorality"


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  2. what. the. hell.

    I'm not yours to 'give' to imala, buddy.

  3. is the girl ur talking about femail saion?
    haha on olesen
    and thanks for not taking my baby sam